Jason my nephew who is about to turn old into a decade old mischievous child. I love him and always ignore his acts of total disobedience in a bid that he will get better soon. Never the less, I have been looking for a gift for his upcoming birthday after all he is turning in 10 this November. After an intense search I wanted to buy for him something constructive which is not very childish but indeed something which he can rely on and make him learn something educational.

Luckily after looking around the internet I finally found this website by name Tell me Best Unlike other reviews website I found a massive list to choose for kids. They offered both fun and educational toys for kids. I think it is more of an amazon fba website but that did not matter much . As I read the detailed review of the toys mentioned on the website and they all seem very relevant to what a 10 year old kid would want in a toy. The reviews were written with pin pointed pros and cons.

After going through the complete list of 25 gift items. I settled down for scrabble this time. Yes it sounds boring for kids but I want Jason to get out of the IPAD and learn some real words which will help him immensely in the middle school. Am also planning to get a dictionary this year may be that will also help him playing scrabble. What I liked about this version of the scrabble is the tiles. Tiles are made up of wooden material which make it look sleek and elegant unlike the other plastic tiles in traditional scrabble boards.

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