Which CBD Hemp Oil Tincture is Right for Me?

several of Restorative Cannabis, Inc’s. brands incorporate tinctures in an assortment of sizes and flavors. This simple to explore guide will enable you to pick the tincture that works best for your individual needs.

Tinctures are fluid concentrates of dynamic fixings (generally herbs) injected into liquor, vegetable glycerine, or oil and taken orally under the tongue and held there for a moment or more. This takes into account sublingual take-up of the tincture, a snappy and effective conveyance technique.

Every one of our tinctures are made with hemp oil that is normally high in CBD Oil Tinctures, a similar hemp oil as our Genuine Logical Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) immaculate hemp CBD oil.

Dixie Botanicals®

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The Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops are our most noteworthy offering brand of tinctures and has built up a dedicated after among our clients.

Dixie Botanicals® tinctures are both liquor and vegetable glycerin based for a sweeter home grown flavor than conventional tinctures. These tinctures are likewise non-GMO, veggie lover, and sans soy since they utilize sunflower lecithin as a characteristic emulsifier. Utilizing Dew Drops is a snap on account of the simple to utilize splash tool. Dixie Botanicals® tinctures come in three awesome tasting flavors: normal, fiery cinnamon, and cooling peppermint. Dew Drops come in two sizes. The 1 oz bottle contains 100 mg of CBD and gives a decent begin to anybody simply starting CBD supplements. The 2 oz bottle builds intensity 2.5 times to 500 mg, settling on it a decent decision for those as of now utilizing CBD and hoping to expand strength.

Dixie Botanicals® items, including CBD tinctures, are accessible here in our online store.

Genuine Logical Hemp Oil™

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Our RSHO™ hemp oil tincture is the purest definition of our three tincture brands.

Nearest of our tinctures to our unique Blue Name RSHO™ hemp oil, the insignificantly prepared full range hemp oil contains the same cannabinoids and fundamental vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fats as our unadulterated hemp oil. Our RSHO™ is joined with medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil sourced from reasonable palm oil and healthy coconut oil. Our RSHO™ tincture does not accompany a splash tool and rather has a recommended serving size of ¼ teaspoon. Like our Dixie Botanicals® tinctures, RSHO™ tinctures come in 1 oz bottles with 100 mg of CBD and higher power 2 oz bottles with 500 mg of CBD.

Take in more about RSHO™ here, or visit our store to put in your request for RSHO™ CBD tinctures today.


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Rev!ve™ tinctures, offered by Kannaway™, fit into a bigger CBD regimen as a feature of the Rev!ve™ product offering, which incorporates Kannaway™’s CBD treatment and detox containers.

In Rev!ve™ tinctures, our immaculate CBD hemp oil is matched with a synergistic Bi-Bong™ mix, our restrictive blend of herbs that incorporates botanicals like ginseng root, goji berry, liquorice root, and other deliberately chose fixings that work to give the tincture’s coveted impacts. Rev!ve™ tinctures are vegetable glycerin based and contain vitamin D, a fundamental vitamin not present normally in many nourishments, and MCT oil. Rev!ve™ 2 oz tinctures come in expertly made AM and PM equations to help stir you in the morning and abandon you quiet and serene during the evening. Kannaway likewise offers additional quality Rev!ve Master in a 4 oz bottle for around three times the intensity as the first Rev!ve AM. All Rev!ve tinctures arrived in a scrumptious raspberry season.

Rev!ve™ items are only offered through Kannaway™ in their online store.

Tinctures have been utilized for over a thousand years and were well known in the U.S. into the 1970’s the point at which an inclination for pills in pharmacology solidly assumed control. Tinctures of cannabis were promptly accessible in drugstores through the 1920’s. Today, tinctures are a well known methods for taking dietary supplements and are frequently found in wellbeing sustenance stores and regular markets.

Coming in at our most minimal potencies per recommended serving, our tinctures are a cost concisous approach to effectively coordinate little measures of CBD into your routine and are particularly famous with those simply starting CBD as a dietary supplement.


Read our CBD hemp oil purchaser’s manual for check whether tinctures are appropriate for you or visit our shop to begin with CBD hemp oil today.

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