Reasons Consultants Should Blog

Most specialists know they ought to have a site. Be that as it may, I get asked all the time by those new to counseling regardless of whether they ought to have a blog.

My answer is yes, however with two or three admonitions.

In case will begin a blog ensure you have something to state. What’s more, make sure you can keep it up.

This counsel goes for all organizations…

There’s nothing more terrible than setting up a blog, interfacing it to your site, switch to Mac from Windows posting two or three articles… and after that months pass by and there’s no new substance.

Surely it’s bad for your picture. Envision a forthcoming customer looking at your site, tapping on “Blog” and after that seeing that your last post was 6 months back.

Ouch! That aint beautiful.

Aight, so now we’ve investigated the dull side of online journals and what you ought to consider before beginning one.

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