Towards Combination HIV Prevention for Injection Drug Users: Addressing Addictophobia, Apathy and Inattention

Reason for the survey

Late leaps forward in HIV-anticipation science drove us to assess the present condition of mix HIV-counteractive action for infusion sedate clients (IDUs). We survey the current writing concentrating on conceivable reasons why scope of counteractive action mediations for HIV, HCV and tuberculosis among IDUs stays dreary. We influence suggestions for future HIV to research and approach.

Late discoveries

IDUs excessively under-use VCT, essential care and ART, particularly in nations that have the biggest weight of HIV among IDUs. IDUs show later over the span of HIV contamination and experience more noteworthy bleakness and mortality. Why are IDUs under-spoken to in HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Singapore action examine, access to treatment for both HIV and fixation, and access to HIV mix avoidance? Conceivable clarifications incorporate addictophobia, lack of care, and absentmindedness, which we portray with regards to late writing and occasions.


This analysis examines the present territory of HIV-counteractive action intercessions for IDUs including, VCT, NSP, OST, ART and PrEP, and talks about approaches to work towards genuine blend HIV-avoidance for IDU populaces. Groups need to beat implied suspicions that IDUs can explore through frameworks that are kept up as independent storehouses, and adopt a rights-based strategy to HIV-counteractive action to guarantee that IDUs have impartial access to life-sparing anticipation and medicines.

Watchwords: HIV, infusion medicate utilize, tranquilize mishandle treatment, needle and syringe (NSP) trade programs, pre-introduction prophylaxis

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