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100 Space-Saving Velvet Hangers Only $27 on

black felt hangers holding sweatersblack felt hangers holding sweaters

Organize your closet with Walmart deals!

Hop on over to where they are offering this highly-rated Easyfashion Black Velvet Hangers 100-pack for just $27 – that’s just 27¢ per hanger!

Easily keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free without sacrificing tons of closet space thanks to these Easyfashion Velvet Hangers! These hangers can hold up to a whopping 11 pounds so even your heaviest winter jackets will be well supported!

black felt hangers holding white clothingblack felt hangers holding white clothing

These sturdy non-slip hangers are made of velvet flocking that increases friction between the hanger and clothing to gently grip garments and prevent them from slipping off.

Each hanger is designed with a contoured shoulder line to help preserve the shape and avoid creases while the notches help keep straps in place – great for slips and camisoles. They are also ultra-thin so you can maximize your closet space.

black velvet hangings holding thick coatsblack velvet hangings holding thick coats

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I absolutely love these hangers, and you definitely can’t beat the price!!! It not only gives my closet a luxurious look with the velvet, but it also helps create SOOOOO much more space!!!! They’re strong, too. I also REALLY like how nothing slips off of them, like with plastic hangers, and they also have an indentation for straps!! I used all 100 hangers, and I’m considering buying more!! I only wish they offered more colors. Overall, they are VERY beautiful and functional!!! Oh, no negative odors on them whatsoever.

I searched many stores for these types of hangers, and this was by far the best value. The hangers are slim, yet durable. I also like how the hook rotates. I highly recommend these! I also suggest rinsing them underwater before using them in order to get off the loose fuzz. 

These hangers are great! They are thin, strong, and seem to be made well. I hung everything from tanks, sweaters, dresses, and heavy jackets. I did have a little bit of black fuzz come off of a few hangers but that is normal for velvet material in general. I was very impressed with the quality and the price was extremely reasonable. I always read reviews before I purchase and I would highly recommend these hangers to anyone!