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22 Best eGift Cards For This Memorial Day

Don’t know what to gift this memorial day to your friends? Do you end up spending months deciding on what to buy as a gift and are still left confused? You are not the only one who goes through these issues. There is an easy way out of all this confusion by getting them an e-gift card which is just an email away, as you know the pandemic situation now.

We have compiled a list of e-gift cards, e-books, and subscription boxes. These gifts can be downloaded by email or redeemed on mobile, which makes it a convenient holiday shopping for them as well as easy for you to give to.

1. Food and Groceries, it’s perfect for college students or even recent graduates as they will need a little help for the first few months.

Giving food and grocery gift cards will ensure that they are eating well if you gift them a Whole Foods e-gift card for a healthier option or are caffeinated well by the Starbucks gift card.

Whole Foods e-gift card
Whole Foods e-gift card

Through a Whole Foods e-gift card:

  • You can pick any amount from $25 – $200
  • Can only be redeemed in-store in the US and Canada.
Starbucks Gift Cards
Starbucks Gift Cards

Through a Starbucks e-gift card:

  • You can pick any amount from $25 – $100
  • Can be redeemed online: and participating stores only.

2. iTunes gift card so they can enjoy it in millions of ways.

iTunes Gift Cards
iTunes Gift Cards

From, getting apps, games, music, tv shows, and movies. They can even use it to secure iCloud storage, its definitely going to be appreciated and enjoyed.

  • You can pick any amount from $25 – $ 100
  • It’s applicable for US iTunes Store only.

3. A Music Subscription from Pandora for ad-free unlimited music for a year.

Music Subscription from Pandora
Music Subscription from Pandora

4. E-books for a book lover who already had an E-reader or is going to get one soon.

Gift Card of Kindle Books
Gift Card of Kindle Books

You can give them a gift card of Kindle books which will deliver books on their gadget once they purchase it.

  • You can pick any denomination $25 upwards
  • It can be redeemed on Amazon.

5. Audible for someone who loves to listen to books while on the go.


You can select a book and send or can give them a monthly or yearly subscription.

  • You can pick from a monthly subscription, quarterly or yearly subscription
  • If they are already a member they will get the credit in their account.

6. Video Streaming Service for their daily entertainment from movies to original shows they can binge-watch all they want on the e-gift card from Hulu Plus or Netflix.

Hulu Plus
Hulu Plus

Through a Hulu Plus eGift Card:

  • You can pick from $25 – $100
  • Unlimited streaming with limited commercials and no commercial plans
  • Can be only redeemed on Hulu.
Netflix Gift cad
Netflix Gift cad

Through a Netflix eGift card you get:

  • You can pick from $25 – $200
  • Valid only on Netflix and can be redeemed in the US only.

7. Movie tickets if they love to watch movies at a theatre with loads of popcorn.

Fandango Gift Card
Fandango Gift Card

You can gift them a Fandango e- gift card through which they can access theatres around the country including Regal, AMC, Carmike, Cinemark, and many others.

  • You can pick from $25 – $100
  • You can redeem it online through their website or their app.

8. Amazon Prime Membership would be loved and used by anyone.

Amazon Prime Video Free Trial
Amazon Prime Video

Prime gives them access to free two- day shipping on over 100 million items along with thousands of movies and TV shows along with access to millions of songs and e-books.

  • You can pick for a quarterly membership or a yearly
  • If they are already a member they can convert it into an gift card
  • Student Offer – 6-month trial courtesy of Sprint, for new members only
  • After your trial, Prime Student is just $6.49/month. Cancel anytime.

9. A Gamestop e-gift Card for the game lover who loves to have a good time with her/his friends.

Gamestop e-gift Card
Gamestop e-gift Card
  • You can pick a card worth $10 – $100
  • Can be redeemed online or in-store at Game Stop locations across the country.

10. Local Gift Cards from GiftRocket and Giftly, which will allow them to use the gift card to almost any local business.

GiftRocket Gift Card
GiftRocket Gift Card

GiftRocket has a Universal Gift card that deposits a designated amount of cash into your recipient’s bank or PayPal account.

  • You can pick up from $25 – $ 500
  • You can choose from where it can be redeemed.

Giftly eGift card can be sent via email, text, mail or printout. The recipient has the option to choose the most convenient way to receive the gift through a Visa Gift card or as a credit to their bank account.

  • You can pick from $25 – $500.
  • You can also choose the thing you want them to purchase and place.

11. Major online retailers, as you can’t go wrong with them and everyone shops at Best Buy, and Amazon.

BestBuy eGift card
BestBuy eGift card

They can choose from the various products these places have on offer and thank you latter.

BestBuy eGift card:

  • You can pick up from $100
  • Can only be redeemed in the US.

12. Amazon eGift Card never expires and can be redeemed towards millions of items storewide at eGift Card eGift Card

You can choose from multiple card designs and denominations.

  • You can pick from $25 onwards
  • Can only be redeemed on and some related sites mentioned under Terms&conditions.

Home Improvement to help them decorate their new home or upgrade their existing home décor by gifting them a gift card from Home Depot.

Home Depot Gift Cards
Home Depot Gift Cards

It has a wide variety of supplies from appliances and power tools, to furniture and home décor to choose from.

  • You can pick a card from $25 upwards
  • It can be redeemed online or in-store.

13. A Task Rabbit eGift Card to help with stuff at home or office.

A Task Rabbit eGift Card
A Task Rabbit eGift Card

They will help them take down Christmas lights or fix their website. All they have to do is redeem for services in their area. It is currently available in 43 metros areas across the U.S and U.K.

14. Airfare Gift your loved ones a flight ticket to come to visit you or go explore the world with Southwest and United.

Southwest and United e-Gift Card
Southwest and United e-Gift Card

Southwest flies to 95+ destinations.

  • You can pick up a card form $10 to $1,000
  • It can be redeemed online, by phone, or at the airport.

United Airlines lets you buy miles for or transfer miles to your loved ones so they can book their tickets.

15. Help them take care of their skin by gifting them gift cards Kiehl’s and Murad.

Skincare products work as a good gift for someone you know well, but if you don’t know their skincare routine it’s best to give them a gift card and let them choose what they want.

Through Kiehl’s e–Gift Certificate

Kiehls e-Gift Cards
Kiehls e-Gift Cards
  • You can pick up a card from $25 upward
  • It can only be redeemed online and cannot be combined with other offers and promotions.

Through Murad eGift card

Murad e-Gift Cards
Murad e-Gift Cards
  • You can pick up a card from $50 upward
  • It can be redeemed online or by calling Murad customer care.

16. Help them get fit or continue their fitness journey by gifting them ClassPass memberships.

Classpass Membership
Classpass Membership

They offer thousands of fitness classes in 39 cities across the U.S. Let them enjoy a class of kickboxing or yoga and enjoy their fitness journey. You can input whatever amount you want to your friend can choose a class according to the budget.

Through Classpass you give

  • You gift a class or monthly fitness membership, the price varies according to the location
  • The recipient must be 18 or older.

17. Gift them an instant gift card from Sephora to stock up on their make up supplies.

Sephora Gift Card
Sephora Gift Card

Also, when you purchase a gift card worth $50 or more you will get a free 45- minute custom makeover, it’s a gift for yourself too.

Through Sephora eGift card

18. Rides, help them commute better by gifting them free rides through Uber.

Uber e-Gift Card
Uber e-Gift Card

Through Uber E- gift Card:

19. Help them book a romantic getaway or a family vacay by gifting them an Airbnb eGift card.

Airbnb eGift Card
Airbnb eGift Card

They can explore over one million homes in some 34,000 cities across the world.
The Airbnb gift card you get:

  • You can pick up a card worth $25 and above
  • It can be redeemed online through only.

Apart from gifting e-gift cards, you can also subscribe to them to Subscription boxes. There are a number of subscription boxes available for different requirements and needs. Here are a few of them you can choose from.

20. Jackie’s Chocolates is for chocolate lovers as the name suggest.

Jackie's Chocolate Subscription Box
Jackie’s Chocolate Subscription Box

This subscription box comes in three different sizes ranging from a quarter pound to a whole pound of handmade artisan chocolates. Get them an annual subscription, so your friend can indulge in creamy truffles, crunchy nuts, and chewy caramels every month.

Plans for Jackie’s Chocolate Box

  • ½ lb will cost you $17.95
  • Ships only within the U.S.

21. Busy Bee Stationery is perfect for the person in your life who loves to plan and organize.

Busy Bee Stationery Box
Busy Bee Stationery Box

Let them have fun planning the next reunion with friends. They would send a curated box which would include 5 to 10 products every month from pens, stationery, stickers, planners and more. The contents will always be a surprise!

Plans for the Busy Bee Stationery box are,

  • You pay $35.73/ month
  • Shipping is free worldwide.

22. Basic Man when you don’t know what to buy for your simple guy friend.

Basic Man Subscription Box
Basic Man Subscription Box

This box will send him a new t-shirt, a pair of boxers, and a pair of socks each month. They won’t have to worry about not finding the missing pair of socks anymore, as they get a new pair every month.

Plans for Basic Man subscription box are:

We hope you have fun gifting henceforth, and bookmark this page as gifting is not restricted to a particular season or occasion.

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