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Black Friday Amazon Giveaway|5PM MST Winners (One Hour to Claim Your Prize!)

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Did you enter our Black Friday 2020 Amazon Giveaway!.?.!?! If so, be sure to have a look at this hour’s winners. If you acknowledge your name and e-mail address listed below, you have exactly one hour (till 6PM MST!)to email [email protected]!.?.!. Please compose”HIP’s Black Friday Giveaway Winner “in the subject line and offer your complete name. Please ONLY email if your e-mail address matches among the emails listed below. Black Friday Giveaway Extravaganza 5PM MST Winners: Claudia G. – jc******[email protected] →$50 Amazon eGift Card Chris K. – **** [email protected] →$50 Amazon eGift Card Mary V. – mary****[email protected] →$75 Amazon eGift Card Wilton T. – slo*******[email protected] →$100 Amazon eGift Card Not a winner this

hour?! We’ll pick 4 more winners every hour through 7PM MST tonight so keep

  • inspecting– frequently as you’ll only have one hour to react and claim your reward. Good luck!
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