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Black Friday Estimated Statistics 2020

The month of shopping has officially begun, so without wasting any time start researching for your Black Friday shopping list. This year the most popular shopping weekend of Black Friday falls on November 27th which doesn’t leave you with much time.

Black Friday 2020 in statistics

Black Friday estimated statistics 2020
Black Friday estimated statistics 2020

Top Black Friday Products

In comparison to 2019, the sales of Electronics/ Technology seems to be everyone’s favorite this year. This is could also be as everyone is either working from home or attending school/college from home.

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The products to look out for are tablets/laptops, PCs, Smart home gadgets & tech, video games, and definitely Apple products. Consumers can also find great deals on TV, home appliances.

The second highest deals consumers are looking forward to buying are Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories. This is up by 12% in sales in comparison to 2019.

The major growth of sales in health and beauty products is estimated this year with a whopping 18% in comparison to 2019. This could be as people are more conscious of their health due to the Coronavirus.

Toys are a favorite product to be shopped during Black Friday as they are gifted the most. Also, you don’t want to ruin a kid’s Christmas because you dint buy the top-selling toy beforehand. Keep a lookout for Trolls Dolls, Baby Yoda, Barbie Dollhouses.

Where do the Shoppers plan to Shop this year?

As we did see during Black Friday 2019, more people shopped online than in stores with a record 93.2 million shopped online. Keeping this trend in mind and COVID -19 in mind 78% of consumers have decided to shop online this year as well.

Black Friday was also the busiest in-store shopping holiday last year with 84.2 million shoppers preferring to shop in person. As it’s important we support our local stores this year and help revive them 64% of consumers plan to shop at local stores or in-store.

How many Americans plan to participate in Black Friday

Unfortunately, 52% of consumers plan not to take advantage of Black Friday deals this year. This could be as the lockdown due to the pandemic has caused the highest number of unemployment seen in decades.

While the ones who wish to shop and take advantage of the deals on Black Friday plan to shop online as that is safer and more practical too.

Who are the big spenders this year

The GENZ ( between 8-23 years old) is to be the biggest spenders this year with 49% planning to make the most of Black Friday Deals.

Millennials ( between 24-39 years old) were the biggest spenders last year with average spending of $509.50 on buying gifts on Black Friday.

There is no guessing that they spent the maximum on electronics, and spend the lest on beauty and cosmetics.

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GEN X ( between 40-55 years old) are right behind when it comes to shopping through the greatest deals. Following the steps of millennials, they do spend on electronics and beauty.

The baby boomers ( between 56-74 years old) are expected to be shopping the least. This could also be as it’s best advised they stay home so they are safe from Coronavirus.

Average money spent on Black Friday

As we already know the highest number of shoppers are the GENZ out of which most are still studying or just started working it’s not a surprise that the maximum amount spent would be $100- $500.

Let’s no forget there are some great deals which could be snatched at this amount.

Average Category Offers During Black Friday 2020

Black Friday shopping is predominantly driven by clothing and accessories, for online as well as in-store shoppers.

Electronics and Games sales come to second-most shopped products during Black Friday. These top in online sales as people prefer to shop without standing in queues.

Mobiles and Computers come a close third on the list for shopping during Black Friday.

Best Black Friday Shopping

The maximum discount and deals can be found at Amazon with a maximum of 52%. They have great offers on electronics, apparel, toys, and home appliances. Amazon was the top retailer for Black Friday 2019 in terms of online visits.

This also happens to be a favorite as they offer Free Shipping.

Let’s have a look back at how Black Friday started and how big a deal it is.

A little bit of History on Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which marks the day to officially start shopping for Christmas. It’s one of the major shopping weekends of the year throughout the United States and typically falls in the last week of November between 23rd and 29th. Even though it, not an official U.S Holiday, many employees have the day off.

The term Black Friday was coined in the 1960s to mark the kick-off to the Christmas shopping season. The word Black refers to “profit” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and Friday was chosen since the start of the modern Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924.

The Popularity of Black Friday

Black Friday became the day to shop as Retailers began to realize they could draw in huge crowds to shop by offering huge discounts, also people were interested in finishing their shopping earlier rather than waiting for the last minute Christmas sale. The trend has continued since then and has only gotten bigger and better with retailers and e-commerce giants offering major discounts on electronics, popular toys, apparel, and even home furnishing.

The only change when it comes to Black Friday over the years is that consumers are choosing online shopping, not wanting to wait outside a store for hours, and almost getting trampled under fellow shoppers when they do get to go in. Shopping online also offers many perks as often consumers get discounts even before the day and instantly know if the product they want to buy is available or out of stock.

This year stores might emphasize and promote online sales and shopping rather than canceling in-store events due to COVID-19.

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All you need to know about Black Friday Statics to help you shop better.

To help you make better shopping choices here are the statics on how much discount to expect on electronics, apparel, toys, and more. Get a heads up on what people wish to buy on Black Friday, also, know how much which generation plans to spend, and on what so you know what to gift. Also, sneak peeks into the preferred option for shopping this year with the pandemic looming upon us.

All this information is much needed this year with COVID -19 regulations of social distancing in place. You don’t want to risk your health while you shop would you.


We all love to shop and grab the best deals, Black Friday is the day to do so. While most of us love to shop for electronics as the stats show, we also love to shop online.

The way we shop has changed over the years, but the thing that has remained constant is the craze over Black Friday deals. No matter how you shop and where you do it from, we hope you get the best deals and have a fabulous shopping season.

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