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Chuckit! Tennis Ball $1.06

Designed with sturdiness in mind, the Chuckit! Tennis Ball features a thick rubber core and strong walls for extended play. Today, snag the Chuckit! Tennis Ball for only$ 1.06!

  • NATURAL AND DURABLE: Featuring an extra-thick natural rubber core, Chuckit! Tennis canine balls are long lasting for long-term use
  • HIGH-VISIBILITY COLORS: Pets and animal parents can easily find the intense blue and orange tennis balls for pets during outdoor play
  • HIGH-BOUNCING BALLS: Tennis pet toy ball is made from natural high-bounce rubber that encourages dogs to leap and leap FLOATS IN
  • WATER: Made of a light-weight rubber product, Chuckit!’s Tennis Balls are fantastic water toys for pets that take pleasure in bring at the pool or the beach
  • SOFT YET DURABLE: Covered in soft felt, the Chuckit! Tennis Ball is comfortable for pets to bring, yet long lasting for extended use CHUCKIT!
  • LAUNCHER COMPATIBLE: For longer throws and slobber-free pickup, these Chuckit! Tennis Balls are compatible with little Chuckit! Ball Launchers; Chuckit! ball launcher available for purchase individually Keep in mind, Amazon rates can change at any time.

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