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I Tried Magnetic Lashes for the First Time Ever & They’re Game-Changing!

woman with mouth open holding magnetic eyelashes package woman with mouth open holding magnetic eyelashes package

Magnetic eyes are the new heart eyes. 😍

If you want the best eyelashes on the block, but haven’t tried out the new magnetic lashes trend, then you’re seriously missing out! I’m sharing everything you need to know about magnetic lashes, how to put them on, and the very best ones to buy right now!

But first, what are magnetic lashes?! 🤯

hand holding a package of false eyelasheshand holding a package of false eyelashes

Magnetic lashes use (you guessed it) magnets rather than lash glue to stay put on your eyelids. There are two kinds on the market: lash strips that attach to magnetic eyeliner (this is the kind I tried) and lash strips with magnets that sandwich your lashes with upper and lower strips that attach to each other.

But why magnetic lashes?

Traditional false lashes take forever to put on, are messy, and a total hassle in general. In addition, professional lash extensions, while I love them and they look amazing, they’re SO expensive (who can actually keep up with them anyway?!) and there are serious risks involved (read about Collin’s allergy to eyelash extension adhesive glue here).

After doing some digging, I was stunned when I saw how many 5-star reviews this Arishine Magnetic Lash Kit has – literally over 7,000 on Amazon so I knew I needed to see what all of the fuss was about (and apparently I’m late to the game 😂).

Even better, right now you can clip a $2 off coupon on Amazon to save you a little extra on your new favorite beauty buy!

Quick note! This post is not sponsored. I found these awesome lashes on my own and after raving about them to the team, I wanted to share my latest Amazon beauty find with you all!

woman holding magnetic lash in front of herwoman holding magnetic lash in front of her

This lash kit comes with a whopping 5 sets of magnetic lashes from natural appearance to totally glamorous – all of which will make your eyes pop like never before! Plus, you’ll also get not one, but TWO bottles of black magnetic eyeliner, and application tweezers. Talk about mega bang for your buck!

But do they actually work, is the real question…🤔

woman pointing to her face with one eye wearing magnetic lashes

woman pointing to her face with one eye wearing magnetic lashes

I’ll admit, I was very skeptical of magnetic eyelashes when I heard about them. I thought for sure there’s no way they actually work or could be easy to apply. I’m also not a makeup pro by any means and I literally never wear eyeliner so I was really nervous to try out this particular type of magnetic lashes since I have zero experience with eyeliner.

How to apply magnetic lashes:

woman putting on black liquid eyelinerwoman putting on black liquid eyeliner

Step one: Apply the magnetic eyeliner close to the lash line on the eyelid & let dry.

Even though I didn’t apply the most perfect line of magnetic eyeliner on my eyelids, the magnetic lashes covering them up was very forgiving and most people (unless you’re a beauty expert) probably wouldn’t even notice my horrible eyeliner skills. 🤣

woman putting on false magnetic lashes woman putting on false magnetic lashes

Step two: Place the magnetic lash onto the eyeliner.

Yep, that’s really it! The lash will attach to the eyeliner with almost no effort but can be peeled off and readjusted if needed.

hand holding a blue bottle of makeup remover with cotton swabhand holding a blue bottle of makeup remover with cotton swab

To remove the lashes: Peel off the lash strip and clean the eyelid with makeup remover.

After taking off the strip, use your favorite oil-based makeup remover to get the magnetic eyeliner off the eyelid. I really like the Solimo brand on Amazon, which is cheap, free of harmful chemicals, dermatologist-tested, not tested on animals, and, of course, it even removes waterproof makeup super easily! 👏

hand holding a yellow tube of mascara with magnetic lashes kit in background

hand holding a yellow tube of mascara with magnetic lashes kit in background

Tips for applying magnetic lashes:

  • Your magnetic lash application should be the last step in your makeup routine.
  • Apply a thin coat of your favorite black mascara to your natural lashes before applying the magnetic strips. This will help blend the natural and faux lashes together.
  • Before you apply the eyeliner, wipe some of it off onto the tube until you have no globs of eyeliner on your brush. A little bit goes a long way, so don’t overload your brush!

Want another inexpensive magnetic lash option? Give the Ardell Magnetic Lashes a look!

holding Ardell magnetic lashes holding Ardell magnetic lashes

If you’re out to get a very natural, no-fuss look, then listen up because this set of magnetic lashes just got hacked by YouTuber, Kathleen Lights and it’s giving us all the hope that false eyelashes don’t have to cost you a ton of money.

These lashes use the two-strip magnetic application (the sandwich-style I mentioned at the beginning), however many reviewers complain that they’re a hassle to line up exactly on your lash line.

That said, Lights changed the game when she applied them using a magnetic eyeliner she already had. Just by using the upper lashes in this kit, she was able to easily apply them and still get a stunning lash – we’re totally obsessed and love the price even more! 😍

Lastly, there are some important disclaimers I wanted to add about magnetic lashes before you try them out:

woman smiling wearing magnetic lashes

woman smiling wearing magnetic lashes

  • You should NEVER wear any magnets, metal, or any cosmetics at all in an MRI machine. Wearing magnetic eyeliner or magnets could results in burns to the skin or other injuries.

  • According to this article from Cosmopolitan, Dr. Haberman said: “I’d recommend limiting the use of the magnetic lashes that sandwich your own natural lashes to avoid the potential of lash damage and traction alopecia. And don’t try them for the first time right before a big event since there’s always the potential for contact dermatitis or allergy to the product itself, in which case you should stop using them ASAP.”

woman smiling wearing magnetic lashes holding purple lash kit boxwoman smiling wearing magnetic lashes holding purple lash kit box

Check out the Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes kit for yourself and let me know what you think!

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