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KidPik Box Coupon | $70 off + Free Kids Mask

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Kidpik is the leader in monthly fashion boxes for kids!  Over Labor Day weekend they are offering a huge deal for any first time users.

Order a box for your kiddo and get $70 off when you keep everything in the box plus they will send a free kids cloth mask with your order.

Use code FREEMASK70 at checkout.

Each box has 7 pieces of clothing, a pair of shoes & an accessory.  The regular price is around $95-$99 but with the code you’ll get the first box for $25-$29!!

They send boxes as often as you like (you pick 1, 2, or 3 months) and there is NO cost to get a box.  Keep anything you want and send back the rest.  You can also keep nothing for no cost!  They include a prepaid mailer bag to send items back at no charge too.

Here’s the Deal:

  1. Order a Kidpik Box
  2. Use code FREEMASK70
  3. Total Due: $0 
  4. Try on everything when it arrives.
  5. If you keep everything you’ll get $70 off your box
  6. Pay $25-$29 for all your items!

Future Savings Tips:

On future boxes if you keep everything you’ll get 30% off the entire box.

Share Kidpik with friends using a link in your account, and earn $30 in credit for each friend that tries it!

Our Recent Box:

I ordered a box for my 12 year old a month or so ago.  We took the online style quiz and got the first box in the mail within a week of signing up.  She LOVED getting a box of things just for her (at this age just having mail was part of the fun).

Included in our box:

Pair of jeans
Travel Blogger Shirt (even more fun for a kid of a blogger)
White Sweater
Pink Tank Top
Pink Maxi Dress
Pink Flowy Shirt (with fun layers)
Dress Sandals

Our box total was $93 and the discount I signed up with only gave $35 off (this current offer is double that!). If we kept everything it would be $58.  Not too bad for 7+ items.

We decided to not keep anything in the box though. The online style quiz question should have asked one more question… does your kid have a color they hate to wear.  Yep… she will never wear pink!  While we loved the jeans, t-shirt, shoes and sweater, having three very pink items killed the deal of keeping everything.  We bagged it up and sent it back.  Total cost to play with fun clothes: $0.

I’m actually planning to take advantage of this Labor Day offer and try another box for my almost 8 year old.  It should arrive right near her Birthday and she’ll love it!