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New Walgreens eCoupons for Gillette and Venus Razors

razors There are brand-new Walgreens eCoupons for razors that just came out for this week just! Head in by Saturday and integrate the discount coupons with RR, and you’ll get a Gillette Fusion 5 razor and a Venus Sensitive Smooth razor for$2.61 each. Walgreens Gillette Deal (ends 2/27 ): $5 RR when you

invest$20 on choose Gillette Shave Needs,

  • B1G1 50 %off Purchase:(1)Gillette Fusion 5 Razor, $13.49(1 )Venus Sensitive Smooth Razor, $ 13.49 Usage:< img style ="font-size: 10px; color: # 6e4135; background-color: #dc 826a; font-weight:
    Manufacturer Coupon strong; line-height: 10px; “title=”Manufacturer Coupon
    Manufacturer Coupon “src=” “alt=” Manufacturer Coupon “width=”12” height =”13″/ >-$ 5 off Gillette Razor, Walgreens(exp 2/27

-$5 off Venus Razor, Walgreens(exp 2/27)eCoupon Total Due:$10.73 Get Back:$5 Register Reward Makes it$2.61 each! Have a look at more fantastic Walgreens deals. Source