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Reusable Face Shield, 10 Pcs, Only $9.80

Get an extra layer of protection with this 10 piece pack of Reusable Face Shields for just$ 9.80.

  • There is a protective film on the face shield to protect it throughout transport. Please eliminate the movie before usage, thank you.
  • The plastic face guards is made from incredibly transparent recyclable PET, lightweight, clear vision, fast and simple to wear.
  • This reusable face shields a big area from the eyebrows to the chin to protect versus foreign aggressiveness on your face.
  • This full face guard increases the area to secure a big location from the eyebrows to the chin to protect against foreign aggression on your face. The plastic face shield has a foam strip, and the rubber band can be easily adjusted to match routines, and it is securely fixed and comfortable to wear.
  • This face mask with eye guard can be recycled after disinfection.