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Say Goodbye to Clogged Sinks & Showers With This Under $12 Gadget!

A woman holding drain clog removersA woman holding drain clog removers

Make every clog disappear with the best drain snake around! 

Ever wonder where all the loose hairs and fuzzies go in your bathroom? Down the drains! After a while though, all that gross stuff gets backed up in sinks and tubs, making them less effective at draining water.

That’s where the Omont Drain Clog Remover Tool comes in! This drain snake is substantially more affordable than the cost of a plumber and it’ll get the job done just as well!

Drain clog remover tools on a counterDrain clog remover tools on a counter

The drain snake design is smart, yet simple.

I purchased this recently (and just a heads up, this post is not sponsored!) as I’m in the process of moving out of my apartment and wanted to make sure the place was in tip-top shape for the next renters moving in.

I’ll admit, I’m not very handy when it comes to using tools, but upon opening the drain snake, I saw how simple the design was and thought, Ok, I can handle this! 💪

A hand holding two drain snake toolsA hand holding two drain snake tools

We’ve lived in our apartment for less than a year, so I didn’t expect our drains to be too backed up, but I figured there would at least be some hair clumps that accumulated from me and my daughter.

A woman holding a drain clog toolA woman holding a drain clog tool

De-clogging your drains couldn’t be easier.

The set comes with 6 pieces total (5 orange plastic drain snake tools and 1 steel drain snake with a claw at the end). I’m not gonna lie, I was a little excited to use the steel clawlike tool because of the cool springy handle.

A hand pressing on a spring handle of a tool

A hand pressing on a spring handle of a tool

After unscrewing the drain cover in my shower, I lowered the nifty steel claw as far down as it could go and opened it up to grab whatever lay beneath

WARNING – If you get easily grossed out, you may want to scroll past these next images!

A woman holding a drain clog remover tool in the showerA woman holding a drain clog remover tool in the shower

Hair from a clogged drainHair from a clogged drain

I pulled the Omont drain snake back up out of the drain and along with it came a big ol’ nasty ball of hair. Ewwwww! It was a little gross, but also a little gratifying to see that muck come out!

A hand holding a drain snakeA hand holding a drain snake

I followed up with the orange drain clog remover tool to see if there was anything else stuck in the drain, and it came up clean! In just one motion, the clog was gone! As I mentioned, we haven’t lived in our apartment for very long, so I imagine there would be a lot more hair and gunk in our drains after more use.

A woman declogging a shower drainA woman declogging a shower drain

You can use the Omont Drain Clog Remover on just about any drain.

While this drain snake is ideal for showers and tubs, you can also use it in your kitchen and bathroom sink drains. Can you imagine the soapy surprises you’ll discover?! 😬

However, I wouldn’t recommend using this tool on a clogged toilet — you’ll need a next-level gadget for that mess!

A chunk of hair from a shower drain next to drain clog toolsA chunk of hair from a shower drain next to drain clog tools

Here’s what a few Amazon users think about the Omont drain snake:

“These tools work like a charm. I’ve had issues with a bathroom sink draining VERY slowly for quite a while. I’ve used liquid drain cleaners off and on to fair results. I decided to try these tools on a whim. And I’m SO glad that I did.”

“Had a slow-emptying bathroom sink, and didn’t want to use chemicals to clean it. Thought it wouldn’t hurt to try this product, and it worked GREAT. Pulled out a ton of hair and gunk from the drain. SUPER gross!!! Wear cleaning gloves if you’re squeamish.”

“My tub was draining very slow, and I hate using chemicals in my tub. I have an older crank snake but it’s a pain to use. These worked so well! It pulled out a gross hairball and a bath crayon I didn’t even know my girls let go down the drain! I also used it in my bathroom sink drain and that also pulled out hair and embarrassingly, a necklace that went down the drain (without my knowledge). This was a great deal.”

“This little tool is amazing. I was both horrified (at the amount of hair that it removed) & completely impressed at the same time. I have shared some of mine with my family & have vowed to never be without a few of these in my toolbox again.”

A woman holding drain clog toolsA woman holding drain clog tools

Skip all the drain cleaners and go for the Omont drain snake!

Why waste time and money trying to find the right liquid drain cleaner when you can have a plumber-quality drain snake for under $12?! After using this clever drain clog remover, I’m certain of one thing: I can conquer all clogs! 🙌

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