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StoryWorth Book: Perfect Gift Idea for Your Parents

Give your moms and dads a gift that everyone will get to take pleasure in with a StoryWorth Book! You can gift them a StoryWorth book and throughout the year they will get an e-mail with a different concern to respond to every week. As they send their answers, StoryWorth assembles them together and prints them into a lovely hardbound book at the end of the year. This is one of those gifts that years from now you’ll be so happy you did. Making a note of their stories from childhood, learning their favorite college memories and fun minutes you’ve never shared together. Truly it’s something that most people constantly mean to do, but keep putting off until it’s far too late.

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.?.!! How To Make A StoryWorth Book

Each week they will get an email with a different question to answer.

StoryWorth offers sample concerns, you can compose concerns and send them to your moms and dads or they can compose their own.

They can send in their stories together with any pictures they wish to include too. When they send their stories you can get an e-mail with their responses too. You can read along as they write plus get to enjoy it in the last book variation.

After they have actually addressed a year of questions StoryWorth will integrate their stories and print their book.

Easy to Gift Last Minute

Order it today and print out a present card to provide. Not only does it make a best present, however it’s perfect for last minute gifting!

With the $10 off offer, they’ll get their very own StoryWorth book (up to 480 pages!) for $89. You can also order extra hardback books after they have finished it for any other member of the family.